27 November 2017

4 ways to fake a good nights sleep

Like me, how many times a night have you woken up saying to yourself, "If I fall asleep now I’ll have 5 hours sleep...If I fall asleep now I’ll have 3 hours sleep". Then you wake up that morning looking like you’ve not slept in weeks! I have those nights more often than not, so I’ve come up with a few tips/alternative hacks to waking up beautiful and fool everyone in thinking you slept like an angel.

Back it up
Yep, lying on your back is a tricky one as you have no control over where your body ends up in the middle of the night (I sometimes end up on the other side of the bed) But experts say that lying on your back helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and increases the likely-hood of you waking up fresh-faced and ready to rumble.

Elevation for the Nation
Sleeping on more than one pillow is going to be your new BFF. If your head is elevated through-out the night, this helps blood flow, therefore when you wake up your face is puffiness free. Woohoo! I normally sleep on two, maybe I should up it to three...Living life on the edge guys.

When life gives you lemons...
Add it to your water! This is the best way to get your body going in the morning and helps you feel and look refreshed. I normally add honey to mine as I haven't got the hang of the lemony taste yet.

Say Yes To the mask
If you want something to do the magic for you while you sleep, Yes To have launched these fabulous Sleeping Masks. My favourite is the Coconut Ultra Hydrating Moisturising Sleeping Mask. This innovative range of single-use masks feature rich cream formulas that absorb easily and gradually overnight during your skin’s natural repair cycle, leaving your face feeling fresh in the morning! All Yes To Sleeping Mask range products are available from ASOS and you can get yours here.

this post was in collaboration with Yes To

12 November 2017

The Easiest Dutch-braid hair Tutorial you will ever try

If, like me, the night before you go to work you say to yourself, "I'm going to wake up really earlier and do my hair really nice and REALLY make an effort". Then the morning comes, you hit snooze on your alarm and wake up in a flap so you have to go for your trusty messy bun.

Well this hair tutorial might be your morning hair saviour! It looks like you made an effort, when actually it takes you all of 4 minutes and then you have more time to stare at your ceiling trying to wake up.

So here is some instructions you can use for this tutorial, once you've got it you'll be able to do it with your eyes closed.

1). Grab a V section of hair from the crown of your head. Clip away the rest of the hair away from this section for an easier time.

2). Now you have this chunk of hair, you can start braiding. Split it into three sections, grabbing one strand and wrapping it under the middle strand.

3). Grab the last remaining section of the plait and wrap that under the middle again.

4). Keep on braiding in this way to create your dutch plait, you can add more hair into your sections  as you braid if you wish.

5). Now you have your fancy dutch braid! WOO! Secure this with a clear hair-elastic.

6). Pull on the edges of your braid to add volume and create a thicker looking plait.

7). Clip away the braid you just created and place it on top of your head to keep it out of the way.

8). Now grab two sections of hair from both sides of your head and move them to the back of your head. Meeting in the middle.

9). and 10). Secure this section of hair with an elastic band to create a mini pony-tail.

11). Now unclip the braid and grab it in the middle. Use a clear hair band to section off the braid.

And Ta-da! It's done :) Mine looks like this, but of course feel free to make it your own. It's super easy!

What I used to create this look


5 November 2017

Panasonic Beauty | ‘Shaped Around You’

We all know those people that just glow - however, I am not one of those people. When the lovelies at Panasonic told me I could get a skin analysis from beauty expert Louise Thomas-Minns, I thought it's finally my time to shine (literally) and jumped at the chance. As someone who suffers from PCOS and sensitive skin, it's always hard to find things that work for my very annoying skin, but being given a chance to try two amazing products that are tailored to my skin was so exciting. 

If you ever feel like your skincare routine needs a little pick-me-up, this facial enhancer will change your life! This first of a kind 3-in-1 wonder improves the work of your favourite toner and moisturiser products by enhancing their purifying, moisturising and cooling capabilities for a fabulous complexion. Oh my god, is all I can say about this. It's amazing!

How I use mine:

Step 1: Purifying - I add my fave toner onto a cotton pad and attach it to the facial enhancer. This then warms up to 37-43 degrees as I move it across my face. This extracts up to 60% more deep-set dirt and grease from the skin and pores.

Step 2: Moisturising - I apply my usual Kiehls moisturiser to my face and pop the enhancer on moisturise mode. I then glide this around my face (it feels SO GOOD) until the product stops humming. This helps the moisturiser go into your skin 40% more than usual. Winner, winner.

Step 3: Cooling - My favourite mode. This creates a wonderful calm cool effect, to close the pores and lift the skin. It is amazing to pop under your eyes to reduce puffiness and wake you up. 

I've been using this a few times a week and I can see a definite improvement in my complexion. Not only is it beautiful (it's white and rose gold, what's not to love?) it also feels absolutely wonderful on the skin. Whether you have 12 minutes or just three this little contraption is a real reviver. Who needs to spend £££ on spa days when you can have a spa night in?

this post was created in collaboration with Panasonic


22 July 2017


If, like me, you find blow-drying your hair super tedious, this little Revlon Salon One Step Hair Dryer & Styler* will literally save you half the time, so you can spend more time watching Love Island...am I right?! 

Do you think you're going to try this amazing hair-dryer brush out?

post in collaboration with Revlon all opinions are my own


27 June 2017


Calling all beauty lovers, you're going to adore this new Ted Baker Porcelain Rose Collection*! From the gorgeous packaging to the delicate scents, this range is perfect for a bit of "me" time and will add a touch of luxury and a dash of vintage glamour to your bathroom too!

Ted Baker's Porcelain Rose is an ultra-feminine bath and body collection inspired by a curious trinket discovered at a New York auction. How romantic does that sound? This collection lets you transport back to the glamour of times passed and lets you bask in blush pink perfection.

Everyone deserves to treat themselves to an indulgent evening of relaxation and with Ted Baker's Blush Pink collection there's plenty to choose from. With a soft-yet-impactful floral fragrance and everything from gifts to little treats Ted Baker has you covered.

Gifting treats:

Pampered Petals
The cutest gift set filled with diamond shaped bath fizzers that smell incredible.

Say it with Flowers
To you from you, the most gorgeous gift box perfectly wrapped with floral fantasy blush colours and filled to the brim with a body wash, body scrub, body spray and body lotion.

Little Luxuries
You'll definitely want to add this to your summer travel wish list - it comes with three mini products, perfect for any trip to somewhere sunny!

Beauty bits:

Body wash and Bubble Bath
These two are my favourites, they smell incredible and the bubblebath fills your bath with sparkling bubbles.

Body Scrub and Body Souffle
This gorgeous duo is perfect for a pamper night, use the scrub from "Ted" to toe first, to leave your skin feeling super smooth. Follow this which the gorgeous blush coloured souffle to lock in all that moisture.

Hand Cream
Perfect for any hand bag, this hand cream will save your skin everyday! Trust me!

Lip Balm and Body Lotion
OK, before we go any further, who else is in love with Ted Baker's packaging!! The cute lip balm smells of gorgeous vanilla and keeps your lips kissable all day. The body lotion is another favourite, once you've put it on you have a wonderful sweet smell to you all day.

Body Spray
This lovely spray is my new best friend at work. Every time I spray myself i'm transported to a time of vintage glamour and I love it!

This whole range is available exclusively in Boots, have any of you guys tried this range yet? 

post in collaboration with Ted Baker

28 May 2017


I absolutely love make-up, I mean, i'm not sure whether I can apply it very well...but I bloody love it! I know whenever a new product comes out and it's all over Instagram I end up longing to try it. But there's so many products, we all end up drowning in contour palettes and swimming in beautiful, yet pricey highlighters. So I thought i'd do a lil round up of the hyped up beauty bits that are totally worth buying. Obviously this is IMO, but seriously, these are all worth the hype.

All I can say is yas, yas yas! to this palette. The pigment of it is amazing and it has a wonderful selection of colours that all go perfectly with each other. My favourite colour in this palette is Candied Peach and hello it smells amaaazing.

The hype is real with this one. My eyelashes may be the straightest things in existence (not fab) but with two coats of this mascara i'm like fluttery Florence (totally fab).

These little huns are the perfect size for travelling. Not only that, they are perfect colours for any skin tone. You know how some blushers make you look like you've been punched? Not these bad boys! They're the best pigment and last for ages!
Get yours here

If you know me, you'll know how much of a Charlotte Tilbury fan I am, especially her lippies. Every payday I like to buy myself one of her lipsticks because why the hell not! She has a huge selection of mattes and more creamy ones, hubba frickin' hubba. My two favourites at the moment are, Bitch Perfect and Pillow Talk. - Pair those with the Pillow Talk Lipliner and you're on to a winner.

These babies are my favourite brushes and the only ones I use at the moment. I maybe should have cleaned them before I took a photo of them, but what can you do! Their blending brush is my favourite, considering i'm rubbish at applying eyeshadow this little hun helps me pretend i'm OK at it.

I don't think you're ready for this jelly. These two tools are the only things you need..sort of..ish. The Beauty blender will change your makeup life, especially when blending in concealer. I graced you with my brand new one as I lost my older one (cry) and look how pretty! 
Now these Tweezermans are the best things since sliced bread, i've never had to go get my brows done because of these babies...winner, winner.

Have you guys tried any of these yet? What are you fave beauty products you think are worth the 
hype? xo

23 April 2017

Easy French braid and Space buns Tutorial

Hello festival season, I don't know about you but when it comes to this time of year I like to pretend i'm at Coachella living it up with Vanessa Hudgens. Alas, i'm not. So what better way for me to imagine i'm there by creating two easy festival dos you can do in 2 minutes! They're both easy-peasy so if you're stuck for a hair-do in the middle of glastonbury then these two will be your new bffs.

Step 1). This is a french braid so if you know how to do it you've got it! If not..take three sections of your hair and wrap the right section over the middle. Repeat with the left side and wrap this over the middle too. - Like a criss-cross.

Step 2).  Repeat step one, but this time add more hair to each section. Grab the right section and cross this over, followed by the left section again.

Step 3). Continue this all the down, it should look something like photo 7.

Step 4). Secure the braid with an elastic and here's the fun bit, starting from the top to the bottom pull out and tease the plait outwards. The messier the better.

Step 5). My favourite part, to give it that extra festival vibe, i'm adding a few felt daises, i bought mine from amazon for £3. To make them extra secure I added bobby pins to the bottom and clipped them in. Ta-da! You're done.

Step 1). Split your hair into two and tie one side to get it out the way. Don't worry it doesn't have to be perfect.

Step 2). Tie one side up into a pigtail, you'll be feeling very Baby Spice Circa 1999. 

Step 3). Twist this pigtail and wrap it around the hair elastic - creating the bun. Pin this in place, don't worry if you can see the bobby pins.

Step 4). Repeat this on the other side. Now you've got your space buns!!! YAS! 

Step 5). This step is optional, but I pinned the felt daisies all around the buns to get that Coachella look. And that's it, the two easiest hair tutorials you can use this summer. 
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