As it's getting near "wedding season" I thought i'd show you two simple hair-dos you can do on yourself. One using the pull through braid technique and the other is a super easy pony tail. 
The beautiful hair accessory i use in both of these tutorials is from Johnny Loves Rosie. Lets get started!
1). Start by separating a section of hair just above your ears ( using your thumbs going from your ears to the middle of your head is the easiest way to do it. Then secure it with a clear elastic.
2). Now divide the pony tail you just created into two.
3). Grab the first mini pony tail and tie a hair elastic about two finger widths down.
4). Clip that out of the way like so.
5). Now, do the same to the second split of the pony tail, tie an elastic band 2 finger widths down.
6). Make a little opening with your fingers in between the two hair elastics.
7). Unclip the top ponytail and pull it through the opening you made in step number 6.
8). It should look something like this!
9). You'll now need to grab the hair elastic that is at the front and clip it out the way.
10). And tie a new elastic band on the ponytail you created underneath.
11). It should look something like this! (don't worry if it looks messy).
12). Now pull the shinanigens out of it, pulling each loop upwards and outwards.
13). Once you've got your desired look, use a hair accessory of your choice to cover the hair band.
14). Tada, you should be done, the trick is to pull it apart as much as possible.
1). Start by curling your hair, i used a 1" barrel curler. Then pop your hair into a mid-high pony tail.
2). Grab a medium to small section of hair from the pony tail.
3). And wrap it around your hair elastic and then clip it in place. I clipped the wrapped hair under the pony tail.
4). Pull the hair from the crown forward to create more body.
5). This is what is may look like, it's completely up to you how much you pull it apart etc.
6). (Optional) Use a hair accessory over the pony tail and clip it in place.
7). + 8). And you are done. It's as simple as that.

Two simple hair tutorials | Perfect for a wedding


Hello! I know, I know, it's been nearly two months since I last blogged. TWO MONTHS HOW RUBBISH. This year I'm determined to post regularly, starting from today. So what better way to start off 2016 than with a hair tutorial (woohoo!) and it's a braid - surprise, surprise.

This was the first time I tried this method of doing a pull through plait as i'd seen it around so much and i must say it looks way more complicated to do than it actually is! All you'll need is a large clip and a few clear elastics. So lets get started...

1. Start by making a section at the top of your head, and tie it into a small pony tail.
2. Clip the ponytail you just made out the way so you can grab another section just below this.
3. Now create a new ponytail just under your first one. Unclip the top pony and you're ready to go!
4. Split your first section into two. Just like picture 4.
5. Grab your clip and clip up the lower pony tail in between the two sections you just made.
6. Next, grab the two sections over this and tie with a clear or hair coloured elastic.
7. It should look something like this.
8. Now continue going down your hair, repeating steps 3-7. Collect more hair from the sides as you do.
9. Always remember to clip the solid ponytail up in between the split ponytail.
10. Continue down as far as you fancy, then secure the whole plait with an hair elastic.
11. Here's my favourite bit, slowly pull out the plait as much as you want, the bigger the better!
12. You should now be done!

This looks complex (but it's easy once you have it) and I hope my instructions were clear. Hope you all had a fab holiday and i'm looking forward to 2016 with you guys!
Hair Tutorial | Pull-through chunky braid/plait


Today's tutorial is a simple one and one that can be done on almost all hair lengths. I've been obsessed by simple looking hair-dos recently and wanted to try out some for myself. These two dos are by far the easiest ones i've done, so i hope you like them as much as me and give them a go.
1. Separate two sections at the front of your head. Think of it as how you begin doing a ponytail.
2. Now tie these two sections of hair together. Exactly how you would when tying a shoe lace.
3. Do the same again, tying the two strands together. Make sure you're feeding it under one section and all the way through. It was hard to show, but rather than crossing them over each other and pulling it through, do it the other way by wrapping it around and under, then pull it through the loop.
4. Now pull the loops together to create your knot. It can be loose or tight, it's up to you.
5. Your knot should now look something like this. You can pull it apart or leave it as it is.
6. Once you've got your desired look, bobby-pin it in place. Facing down on curved side of the clip.
1. Grab a circle section of hair, starting from the front of the head, bringing it around with your thumbs and holding in place. Make sure you have left two large sections of hair out side of it.
2. Now tie this section with a hair band and secure the pony tail.
3. Pull the left section of hair around the pony and pull it around the hair elastic.
4. Follow that by wrapping it over and under the pony tail and securing it with a bobby pin.
5. Do exactly the same with the right side of hair.
6. It should look something like this. You can leave the hair-do like this if you wish.
7. Grab a new section of hair & wrap it around the pony tail and hide it under by securing with a clip.
8. Do the same on the other side, pick a new section of hair on the other side and wrap it over.
9. It should now look something like this. You can wrap around new sections of hair as many times as you like!

And it's as simple as that!
Hair tutorial: Two simple knot half up-dos


If you follow me on my instagram @grcelisabeth you will know I am obsessed by braids. So every now and again i love to try out new styles and see how they turn out. I've seen lots of messy braids like this, but they seem really complicated to do, so using inspiration from all of them I worked out a way to simplify it to give it that messy thrown together look. All you will need are some clear hair elastics and this works on pretty much every hair length. Less loops for less hair!

1. Start by tying your hair into a low pony-tail, using a clear hair elastic.
2. Create a little loop above the pony tail and pop your hand through the bottom of it.
3. Now grab your hair and pull it through the loop - going from the outside in.
4. Your hair should now look like this. Pull your hair horizontally to tighten the loop.
5. Tie a new hair elastic half way down your hair, creating a new loop.
6. Doing the same as you did in step 2 and three, pull your hair through the gap and pull down.
7. Your hair should now look similar to this.
8. Depending on your hair length, you can stop there or you can add another & repeat the same steps.
9. Once you've created as many pull through braids as you wish, you now need to pull the loops completely apart. Holding the pony tail with one hand, pull the loops outward, until you get your desired look.
Hair Tutorial | Very Messy pull through braid


What's this you see?! An actual hair tutorial on my blog?! Don't worry I nearly fell off my chair too. As i've been slacking on hair tutorials, i decided to do two do's. Really easy ones at that! All you'll need is a hair elastic and a few pins and these hair-dos will take you 3 minutes to do at the max.
1. Tie your hair up in a low pony-tail, on the last tie pull your hair only half way through the elastic and leave it. 

2. The hair that is left out of the bun can now be wrapped around the hair elastic, make sure the hair is flat to your head and hold it in place.

3. Grab as many bobby pins as you fancy and secure the wrapped around hair in place. The trick to hiding the pins - push through the hair horizontally and then straight down vertically.

4. Pin back any loose ends and use hair spray for fly aways and dead ends (as you can see i have about 1000). Once you've given it a spritz, you're good to go.

1. Tie your hair up into a ponytail, low or high its up to you! Now loop your ponytail around your fingers.

2. Once you have created a loop using your ponytail, pull the end of your hair through it, exactly how you would when creating a knot.

3. Pin the bun to your head with as many bobby-pins as you need. Leaving the tail end out for the moment.

4. Now pull down the tip of your hair and wrap it around the lower half of the bun, pin it in place and you will have yourself a snazzy knot bun.

And that's it! Do let me know if you try any of these and as always send me pictures of your do's.

Hair Tutorial: Two super easy and glam low bun up-dos


'Spa of the world' is the new range by The Body Shop, which lets you have your own pamper session in the comfort of your own home. (What I like to call, Netflix and Spa).
The Body Shop kindly sent me three products from their range to try out for myself and i'm excited to tell you what I think!

French Lavender Massage Oil*£14: Massaging my skin with body oil isn't something i love to do, as i always feel super greasy afterwards, this however sinks into the skin nicely, so you're not walking around like a greasy old sausage for hours waiting for it to dry. This oil is perfect for calming you down as Lavender is said to be the best smell for getting you off to sleep. Not only is this great for massaging into the skin, but you can add a few drops to your bath to get the perfect lavender aroma filling your bathroom.

Dead Sea Salt Scrub* £20: Ive been using this scrub a lot recently and I love it! If your skin needs a little TLC this is perfect for you. I use this before I tan or when my tan starts to rub off with my skin and the good thing with this is you're not there scrubbing away for ages, it works straight away. It always makes my skin feel refreshed and re-energised.

Moroccan Body Clay* £16: This was my favourite of the three, I've never come across a clay for the whole body so I was so excited to try it out. This clay is said to firm your skin and leave it feeling and looking more toned. I gave this a try before my bath, applying it to my body and waiting 10 minutes for it to harden(sounding a little rude here). After I washed it off I definitely noticed a difference in the backs of my thighs, it looked as though there was less cellulite and my body felt more contoured. Whether that was just my eyes or not, it still made my skin and body feel lovely so it was worth it.

I'll definitely be buying more from the Spa of The world range! Have any of you given this new range a try? How did you find it?

Beauty Review: Spa of the world range by The Body Shop


As i've been blogging for 3 years now (celebraaateeee!) I have spent hours upon hours looking for the perfect fonts to use or the loveliest graphics to pop on my blog. Over these 3 years I have collected and saved the best resources for bloggers that I could find, so I thought it was about time for me to start sharing these things, so everything is made a little easier for you. (and may make things look even more fabulous!).

Easy Blogging: 15 free hand drawn fonts


As someone who is an avid fake tanner i'm always looking for great moisturisers to help me after my skin drys out. As i'm also a sufferer of eczema (arms and face) it's very, VERY tricky to find a moisturiser that doesn't affect it or worsen it.
Aveeno asked me to team up with them and join in on their new #Aveenoskincaresecrets campaign. I have been using Aveeno for a few weeks now and so far so good. It has been hydrating my skin for up to 24 hours without worsening my eczema or making it sting when applied. I believe this is because it is fragrance free and as it's safe for babies to use (aged 3 months+) so you know it's going to be gentle on the skin. The ingredients in Aveeno creams are made up of finely ground oats which help to protect the skin and also buffs the skin to get it back to its normal PH levels. I'm always dubious about products that claim to do this, that and the other but this actually delivered on everything it said. I was excepting the moisturiser to be super expensive as these specialist ones normally are, but their 200ml is £5.10 and 300ml is £7.14 so luckily you won't have to break the bank to have beautiful skin.
If your looking for a moisturiser that smells amazing, this isn't it. As it's fragrance free you'd expect it to not have the smell of 100 roses (it is a similar fragrance to E45 cream), but i would always sacrifice a fragrance in order to get a product that actually works to help my skin.
So now on to my favourite skincare tips, If like me you suffer from the flaky, itchy, painful shenanigan that is eczema, or if you suffer from any other skin problem here are my favourite skincare "secrets" that may help you..

ONE. Change your pillow case every other day: this one is helpful to anyone really, especially people who have acne prone skin or eczema on their face. As dirt, old makeup and any other sort of nasties like to hang around on your pillow, changing them frequently helps to keep those nasties away from your face and in turn clears your skin after a while.

TWO. Here's one which isn't so much of a secret: Drink plenty of water, we all know the "secret" to beautiful skin is by drinking water and I try to drink a litre a day, but wah, who wants water when there's wine.

THREE. Moisturise with fragrance free moisturiser only: obviously you'd have to find a moisturiser that works for you and your skin type but once you've found it, it's important to moisturise every day and feel like a glowing sassy goddess.

FOUR. Try and avoid makeup wipes: It's soooo much easier to whip out a makeup wipe, rub it over your face and go to bed, but turns out it's really bad for your skin (lame, i know). It can cause premature wrinkles and can give you those dreaded under the skin spots. I advice finding a cleanser that removes makeup gently, ones you can pat off rather than rub. It's a little bit more of a hassle but you can get fab results.

FIVE. Look after your skin in the sun: if like me you sometimes forget to slap on the SPF even when it's cloudy, buy yourself some foundation that has an SPF in it, this way if you forget it doesn't matter as it's all in your favourite makeup. Winner.

SIX. When buying any product for your skin look for ingredients like: Aloe-vera, Camomile, greentea, bisabolol etc as these all soothe the skin.

SEVEN. Give yourself makeup breathers: Even if it's one day a week, your face will thank you for giving it a day free of makeup and any other product for that matter.

EIGHT. Use two different face washes: Use a refreshing one in the morning and a scrub in the evening, your skin will thank you later. But always patch test products 48 hours before you slap them on, then you'll know if it'll effect your skin badly or not.

NINE. Don't crank up the heat: If you're feeling chilly don't crank the heat up in the shower, going from hot water to cool air can cause skin to dry up. Get out the shower and pat yourself dry and use a fragrance free moisturiser (Aveeno is what i've been using after the shower to lock in moisture).

TEN. And last but not least - SLEEP: Sleep is very important for your skin (and everything else) I've learnt for example if I have a series of rubbish nights sleep, I wake up with a new planet on my face (aka spot), it's very vital to have as much sleep as you possibly can.

I've been asked to tag another blogger to share their #aveenoskincaresecrets and I tag the lovely Catherine from Pretty Little Beauty Blog share yo' tips girl!

I'd love to know what your skincare secrets are in the comments, give me all your tips! (that sounds a bit rude).

This post was sponsored by Aveeno, but all opinions are my own. View my Disclaimer.

10 top skincare secrets for sensitive skin #Aveenoskincaresecrets


I love nothing more than to sit down with a tea of an evening and read tons and tons of blogs, i'm like a crazy blog reader. Any blog that makes me feel happy inside or make me feel excited about buying new makeup or clothes (even though my bank is telling my no but my body is telling me yesss) then they are great by me. As i've been blogging for nearly three years now (technically two as i had a years break) I thought it was high time to spread the lurrrv and show you the blogs that I read almost everyday and completely love.

Milkbubbletea - I've been a huge (embarrassing fan girly) fan of Becky's blog for years. Her blog is by far one of my favourites. Her photography is so beautiful and neat and she has the most beautiful home filled with the most beautiful items, not only that she makes me want to buy all the girly things (sorry bank balance). She's so, so lovely to talk to and shares my love of bunny everything. She also understands my short girl problems when buying clothes, what's not to love!

Hello October - The beautiful Suzies blog has been another that i've read for years, her blog revolves all around my favourite things beauty, fashion, travel and lifestyle with the perfect amount of each. She's one of the nicest girls ever and takes the loveliest photos, everything seems so sunny and bright I love it. She also has a youtube channel which you must check out.

Pretty Little Beauty Blog - Ever since I recently found Catherine's blog through her instagram I have been a massive fan of it. Her beauty posts are my favourite, every post makes me want to go on every makeup site ever and buy all the beauty bits. Her photos are completely gorgeous as is she and I absolutely love the girly vibe to her blog.

I Covet Thee - The lovely Alix's blog has been another i've read forever, ever since I saw her blog on tumblr i've loved it. I'm a huge fan of her lifestyle bits, i'm so jealous of all the places her and Suzie go to, the food places they visit always look so yummy. Their friendship is the absolute cutest and I hope one day I can find a fab friendship like theirs. Alix does a lot of makeup posts which I love, she also adds youtube tutorials or videos attached to these posts, her makeup always looks so fresh and beautiful so i'm always excited to see what makeup she uses.

Fashion Influx - The beautiful Lydia is my favourite for outfit inspo and hair envy. Her outfits are simple yet so stylish and are always right up my street. I wish I could pull off half the outfits she wears but I can always pretend! She shares the same love of braids as I do and often posts amazing hairdos done at The Blow salon and by herself. I'm also always having an inside cry about how perfect her figure is.

Lydia Elise Millen - I've been a big ol' fan of Lydia and her blog for years and years! She does a mixture of fitness posts and fashion which i love so much. Her fitness posts make me so excited to get to the gym and pretend to myself i'll get a body as beautiful and as strong as hers and her fashion posts make me want all the clothes! She seems to work really hard at her blog (so does everyone else i've mentioned) and I admire that so much. Her photos are stunning and I completely love how professional it all looks. She travels to the most beautiful places and I basically just want her life/face/body.

Milkteef - Emma's blog has been one of my beauty favs for ages, ever since I saw her blog on tumblr a few years ago, I always give it a check to see what beauty bits she's reviewing, which isn't great on my bank but it's great for everything else! I'm completely in love with how she does her makeup and I can always rely on her reviews as they're always truthful and in-depth with swatches etc, which is perfect for knowing what to buy. I'm also very jealous of her new do - now I want to chop all my hair off, someone stop me.

And these are my Beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog favourites! I bet i've missed out a ton of blogs and they'll come to me and i'll be super annoyed I didn't put them in.

Link me to your favourite blogs, i love reading new ones too!
Blog love - My favourite beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogs



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