4 December 2012

Easy as Pie Hair-dos - Milkmaid/Heidi Braid tutorial

I have been seeing Milkmaid Braids absolutely everywhere in the fashion world. It was featured on the models in the Valentino collection this year. It is also a few celebrities's favourite go-to hairstyle for a bit of a different look, Sienna Miller, the Oslen twins and Nicole Richie wear this often (the babes). It would also be a fab hair-do for any christmas parties as it takes minutes to achieve!

01. Start by parting your hair in the middle and sectioning your hair into two. Now from the MIDDLE of your head start plaiting. The shorter your hair, the higher you start the braid. (once done tie with a hair elastic, for now, to keep the plait in place)

02. Do exactly as you did in number 1, remembering to start from the middle as this stops the hair going all lumpy and bumpy at the top!

03. Now flip one of the plaits over the head, wrapping it around and placing it where ever you fancy. Once it's in the place  slip a few bobby-pins in to keep it secure.

04. Grabbing the other braid, lift and wrap it in front of the first plait. Fold the end of this one under the first braid so that it looks like one slick plait all the way across.

05. Slide in as many pins as you want until it feels fixed in place. You can give it a light spritz of hairspray if you want it to be extra secure.

6. And that's it! It's that easy! If you try this out, please tweet me a picture of it, i love LOVE seeing them.

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