8 November 2012

Mini Bouffant Tutorial

Also Inspired from what my amazing Auntie did to my hair last week! (luvu)
I absolutely love this hair-do ever since Lana Del Rey brought it back from the fab vintage Priscilla Presley i've been hooked! Some of you may have also seen my fav Lady Gaga sporting a bigger version of this at her Harrods Perfume launch the other week. So now that big is definitely better I thought i'd show you a wearable version of the famous Bouffant. So if you feel like channeling your inner Presley follow my simple(hopefully) step-by-step to get you there! You know what they say - The bigger the hair the smaller the hips. 

Before you start the backcombing wave the ends of your hair, making sure they are all curled in the same direction, then you're ready to begin!

001 -  Part your hair in the middle and grab a big section of hair at the crown of your head. Lift that chunk up and start backcombing from the middle to the root (never from the end the roots, that's what causes the damage).

002 - Flip that teased bit of hair forward and directly behind the flipped of hair grab a new section and backcomb and you did in part one.

003 - Continue down as far as you like - the more hair you tease the bigger the bouf! Once your done backcombing the back section flip the hair back and position it in place.

004 - Now tease the side sections beside the crown area so the beehive all blends into one.

005 - Grab your hair spray to set the bump. Using a comb smooth over the top of the backcombed area for a neater look.

006 - Finally SPRAY THE SHENANIGANS OUT OF YOUR HAIR - or as much hairspray as you wish..haha. And that's it your done :)

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