9 October 2012

Messy Fishtail Braid/plait Tutorial

A lovely lady on Twitter asked me to do a tutorial on a fishtail plait, so here it is! I hope I made this as clear as possible with my wiggly fingers - it's really simple when you do it, but watching it, it looks 100X more complex than it actually is. All you will need is a comb and a hair elastic (optional).

1. Split your hair into two big sections. While holding both sections, use your index finger to grab a small bit of hair.

2. Then, pull that small bit of hair around the same section, a bit like doing your shoe laces.

3. Holding that small section with the same hand, do the same as part one to the other big chunk of hair.

4. Collecting the older small bit of hair in the other big section, grab a new tiny section of hair from the back of the big bit of hair and bring it round to the front.

5. Then grabbing the new small bit of hair, collect it into the opposite section. So basically it's like doing a normal plait from the inside-out rather than in outside-in.

6. Continue steps 1-4 all the way down. I then back-comb the ends to hold the plait in place, you can use a hair elastic instead it's absolutely up to you! To Finally finish the look and use my fingers and thumbs to push the braid forward, to make it bigger and messier.
Then you are done! I'm so sorry if these instructions make no sense what so ever, i'm hoping the images are a bit clearer than my rambley step-by-step.


4 October 2012

My everyday Makeup

Just a quick post to say hello! and that i'm still here! I thought i'd show you the makeup I use most regularly. The MAC eyebrow pencil is the best i've ever used and let me tell you i'm a bit of a crazy when it comes to eyebrows so i've tested out quick a few! I love MAC's face and body foundation, but to be honest when I bought it i thought it was £13 and then nearly had a heart attack when the woman said £25, I have had it for a long, long time but I still don't think it's worth the money. I swear by my bobbi Brown gel liner pots!! They literally last years. The last one I had lasted me 2 years and I used it every single day, so it was so worth the money (<3). Lastly I wouldn't say this is the best red lipstick at all really because it doesn't last very long and it has a weird shine to it, but it's the only one I own so i'm going to embrace it until the end.

I hope everyone is well! I shall be doing a hair tutorial this weekend hopefully, so I hope you like it!

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