18 September 2012

Tutorial Tuesday - side victory rolls

Warning! Please excuse my dancing/singing and my concentration faces. Didn't even realise Until I had finished filming! 

A few of you lovely ladies said yes for me to do a tutorial on the hair from my Lashes of London post. So here it is! It's so so easy and once you've got the hang of it, it'll take about 3 minutes max. You can do this style on most hair lengths but obviously the rolls will vary in size. All you will need is some bobby pins and that's it! So lets get going with the instructions..

1. Make sure all your hair is over to one side, like a sexy comb-over. You can use a few bobby-pins to help secure the hair at the back in place.
2. Start at the front of your hair and grab a section any size you want. (if you have a fringe/bangs that is where you'll start instead). Using your first two fingers on both hands, wrap your hair around them going upwards and inwards rather than under and inwards.
3. Secure the roll with a few bobby-pins. It's best to have clips matching your hair colour. I used darker ones so you can see better!

4. Now grab a new section right next to the previous victory roll and do exactly the same as you did in number 3! - After that continue grabbing new bits of hair until you've got rolls going round all on one side. Ta-da you are done, it's that easy!

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