22 August 2012

Victory Roll tutorial


I've decided to start a series of 40s and 50s hair how-tos and this is my first one!
These vintage type styles are definitely my favourite to do and also my favourite to wear.

There are many, many different ways of doing Victory Rolls but as my first vintage hair tutorial I thought i'd do the simplest version!
All you will need: 
- a few bobby-pins 
- a comb for teasing
- some hair spray
- pomade if desired

1. Firstly, part your hair to the side. The side which has the most hair on will be the bigger roll.
2. Lift that section of hair up and comb from the outside. Grabbing the hair, tease from the root to the middle. (never back-comb the ends as that's what causes the damage).
3. Taking the recently teased section, while holding the middle of the hair, flip it round into an upsidedown U shape, this is where you'll begin your victory roll!
4. This bit can be a little tricky, so don't feel disheartened if you're trying to do it for ages and your arms feel like they're going to fall off. (that's what happened to me more than once..!) Holding the hair make a circle. While making the circle work the hair inside the roll. Think of it like you're winding a bit of rope from the outside in.
5. Position it to where you want it. Here you can choose whether you want it small, big, neat, loose. It's entirely up to you!
6. Holding it with your finger in the spot you want it, grab a few bobby-pins and begin neatening it up and securing it in place.
7. Add a few more pins until you're satisfied and give it a little hair spray action.
8,9,10,11,12. Do exactly the same as you did on the first section and then you're done! Woohoo!

The rest is up to you, you can wave the left over hair, you can pin it all up, add some flowers, do a chignon. There's so many 
possibilities haha.

I hope you like the sound of the 40s and 50s hair tutorial series. I'm always looking for ideas so please let me know if you want me to do a certain hair style! Also if you try it, show me a picture of it, that would be ace!

P.s You can do this hair-do with mostly any length hair.

Love from Grace


6 August 2012

3 different top knot buns tutorial

haha look at my concentration eyebrows! (and i'm packing your angry eyes just incase).
A few of you lovelies asked me to do a tutorial on a simple top knot, so i decided I would do three hairstyles that would be easy to do in a rush! I thought these gifs were pretty self explanatory, but obviously if any of you want me to put instructions on, it'll be no problem :)Each hair-do takes about 3 minutes tops. 

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