18 July 2012

I first saw this hairstyle being done at the Clothes Show London about2 years ago and i've been obsessed ever since. I think it's a great alternative to your everyday up-do.(i like to make my plait quite loose and messy, but the neatness and look of your braid is obviously entirely up to you!)

001. Flip your hair over and at the base of your head grab three strands of hair, exactly like you would when doing a normal plait.

002. Now start plaiting! While braiding collect new little bits of hair as you go down, just like you would when doing a french plait.

003. Continue going all the way down your head gathering more hair each time you loop one of your three strands.

004. Now once you've got to your forehead, plait the rest of the hair all the way down to the tips. (at this point you'll look a little bit like boy george - which is fabulous).

005. Hold the tip of your hair so that the plait doesn't come apart and make a U shape to the side of your head. Holding your hair in place add a few bobby-pins until it is secure. I like to make mine in a swooping motion, but it's up to you where you want to place it.

006. Now using your index finger and thumb gently pull on the braided area making the loops bigger, do that all the way up to the crown area.

007. Never forget to smooth out any dodgy bits and bobby pin any flyaways. Always remember this is your hairstyle so style it how ever you want.

And ta-da! it is done. I'd say the only difficult area is the french plait, but if you already know how to do one you can do this with absoluteease. If not, just practice, practice, practice and you'll get there in no time xo

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