4 December 2012

Easy as Pie Hair-dos - Milkmaid/Heidi Braid tutorial

I have been seeing Milkmaid Braids absolutely everywhere in the fashion world. It was featured on the models in the Valentino collection this year. It is also a few celebrities's favourite go-to hairstyle for a bit of a different look, Sienna Miller, the Oslen twins and Nicole Richie wear this often (the babes). It would also be a fab hair-do for any christmas parties as it takes minutes to achieve!

01. Start by parting your hair in the middle and sectioning your hair into two. Now from the MIDDLE of your head start plaiting. The shorter your hair, the higher you start the braid. (once done tie with a hair elastic, for now, to keep the plait in place)

02. Do exactly as you did in number 1, remembering to start from the middle as this stops the hair going all lumpy and bumpy at the top!

03. Now flip one of the plaits over the head, wrapping it around and placing it where ever you fancy. Once it's in the place  slip a few bobby-pins in to keep it secure.

04. Grabbing the other braid, lift and wrap it in front of the first plait. Fold the end of this one under the first braid so that it looks like one slick plait all the way across.

05. Slide in as many pins as you want until it feels fixed in place. You can give it a light spritz of hairspray if you want it to be extra secure.

6. And that's it! It's that easy! If you try this out, please tweet me a picture of it, i love LOVE seeing them.


8 November 2012

Mini Bouffant Tutorial

Also Inspired from what my amazing Auntie did to my hair last week! (luvu)
I absolutely love this hair-do ever since Lana Del Rey brought it back from the fab vintage Priscilla Presley i've been hooked! Some of you may have also seen my fav Lady Gaga sporting a bigger version of this at her Harrods Perfume launch the other week. So now that big is definitely better I thought i'd show you a wearable version of the famous Bouffant. So if you feel like channeling your inner Presley follow my simple(hopefully) step-by-step to get you there! You know what they say - The bigger the hair the smaller the hips. 

Before you start the backcombing wave the ends of your hair, making sure they are all curled in the same direction, then you're ready to begin!

001 -  Part your hair in the middle and grab a big section of hair at the crown of your head. Lift that chunk up and start backcombing from the middle to the root (never from the end the roots, that's what causes the damage).

002 - Flip that teased bit of hair forward and directly behind the flipped of hair grab a new section and backcomb and you did in part one.

003 - Continue down as far as you like - the more hair you tease the bigger the bouf! Once your done backcombing the back section flip the hair back and position it in place.

004 - Now tease the side sections beside the crown area so the beehive all blends into one.

005 - Grab your hair spray to set the bump. Using a comb smooth over the top of the backcombed area for a neater look.

006 - Finally SPRAY THE SHENANIGANS OUT OF YOUR HAIR - or as much hairspray as you wish..haha. And that's it your done :)


9 October 2012

Messy Fishtail Braid/plait Tutorial

A lovely lady on Twitter asked me to do a tutorial on a fishtail plait, so here it is! I hope I made this as clear as possible with my wiggly fingers - it's really simple when you do it, but watching it, it looks 100X more complex than it actually is. All you will need is a comb and a hair elastic (optional).

1. Split your hair into two big sections. While holding both sections, use your index finger to grab a small bit of hair.

2. Then, pull that small bit of hair around the same section, a bit like doing your shoe laces.

3. Holding that small section with the same hand, do the same as part one to the other big chunk of hair.

4. Collecting the older small bit of hair in the other big section, grab a new tiny section of hair from the back of the big bit of hair and bring it round to the front.

5. Then grabbing the new small bit of hair, collect it into the opposite section. So basically it's like doing a normal plait from the inside-out rather than in outside-in.

6. Continue steps 1-4 all the way down. I then back-comb the ends to hold the plait in place, you can use a hair elastic instead it's absolutely up to you! To Finally finish the look and use my fingers and thumbs to push the braid forward, to make it bigger and messier.
Then you are done! I'm so sorry if these instructions make no sense what so ever, i'm hoping the images are a bit clearer than my rambley step-by-step.


4 October 2012

My everyday Makeup

Just a quick post to say hello! and that i'm still here! I thought i'd show you the makeup I use most regularly. The MAC eyebrow pencil is the best i've ever used and let me tell you i'm a bit of a crazy when it comes to eyebrows so i've tested out quick a few! I love MAC's face and body foundation, but to be honest when I bought it i thought it was £13 and then nearly had a heart attack when the woman said £25, I have had it for a long, long time but I still don't think it's worth the money. I swear by my bobbi Brown gel liner pots!! They literally last years. The last one I had lasted me 2 years and I used it every single day, so it was so worth the money (<3). Lastly I wouldn't say this is the best red lipstick at all really because it doesn't last very long and it has a weird shine to it, but it's the only one I own so i'm going to embrace it until the end.

I hope everyone is well! I shall be doing a hair tutorial this weekend hopefully, so I hope you like it!


18 September 2012

Tutorial Tuesday - side victory rolls

Warning! Please excuse my dancing/singing and my concentration faces. Didn't even realise Until I had finished filming! 

A few of you lovely ladies said yes for me to do a tutorial on the hair from my Lashes of London post. So here it is! It's so so easy and once you've got the hang of it, it'll take about 3 minutes max. You can do this style on most hair lengths but obviously the rolls will vary in size. All you will need is some bobby pins and that's it! So lets get going with the instructions..

1. Make sure all your hair is over to one side, like a sexy comb-over. You can use a few bobby-pins to help secure the hair at the back in place.
2. Start at the front of your hair and grab a section any size you want. (if you have a fringe/bangs that is where you'll start instead). Using your first two fingers on both hands, wrap your hair around them going upwards and inwards rather than under and inwards.
3. Secure the roll with a few bobby-pins. It's best to have clips matching your hair colour. I used darker ones so you can see better!

4. Now grab a new section right next to the previous victory roll and do exactly the same as you did in number 3! - After that continue grabbing new bits of hair until you've got rolls going round all on one side. Ta-da you are done, it's that easy!


22 August 2012

Victory Roll tutorial


I've decided to start a series of 40s and 50s hair how-tos and this is my first one!
These vintage type styles are definitely my favourite to do and also my favourite to wear.

There are many, many different ways of doing Victory Rolls but as my first vintage hair tutorial I thought i'd do the simplest version!
All you will need: 
- a few bobby-pins 
- a comb for teasing
- some hair spray
- pomade if desired

1. Firstly, part your hair to the side. The side which has the most hair on will be the bigger roll.
2. Lift that section of hair up and comb from the outside. Grabbing the hair, tease from the root to the middle. (never back-comb the ends as that's what causes the damage).
3. Taking the recently teased section, while holding the middle of the hair, flip it round into an upsidedown U shape, this is where you'll begin your victory roll!
4. This bit can be a little tricky, so don't feel disheartened if you're trying to do it for ages and your arms feel like they're going to fall off. (that's what happened to me more than once..!) Holding the hair make a circle. While making the circle work the hair inside the roll. Think of it like you're winding a bit of rope from the outside in.
5. Position it to where you want it. Here you can choose whether you want it small, big, neat, loose. It's entirely up to you!
6. Holding it with your finger in the spot you want it, grab a few bobby-pins and begin neatening it up and securing it in place.
7. Add a few more pins until you're satisfied and give it a little hair spray action.
8,9,10,11,12. Do exactly the same as you did on the first section and then you're done! Woohoo!

The rest is up to you, you can wave the left over hair, you can pin it all up, add some flowers, do a chignon. There's so many 
possibilities haha.

I hope you like the sound of the 40s and 50s hair tutorial series. I'm always looking for ideas so please let me know if you want me to do a certain hair style! Also if you try it, show me a picture of it, that would be ace!

P.s You can do this hair-do with mostly any length hair.

Love from Grace


6 August 2012

3 different top knot buns tutorial

haha look at my concentration eyebrows! (and i'm packing your angry eyes just incase).
A few of you lovelies asked me to do a tutorial on a simple top knot, so i decided I would do three hairstyles that would be easy to do in a rush! I thought these gifs were pretty self explanatory, but obviously if any of you want me to put instructions on, it'll be no problem :)Each hair-do takes about 3 minutes tops. 


18 July 2012

I first saw this hairstyle being done at the Clothes Show London about2 years ago and i've been obsessed ever since. I think it's a great alternative to your everyday up-do.(i like to make my plait quite loose and messy, but the neatness and look of your braid is obviously entirely up to you!)

001. Flip your hair over and at the base of your head grab three strands of hair, exactly like you would when doing a normal plait.

002. Now start plaiting! While braiding collect new little bits of hair as you go down, just like you would when doing a french plait.

003. Continue going all the way down your head gathering more hair each time you loop one of your three strands.

004. Now once you've got to your forehead, plait the rest of the hair all the way down to the tips. (at this point you'll look a little bit like boy george - which is fabulous).

005. Hold the tip of your hair so that the plait doesn't come apart and make a U shape to the side of your head. Holding your hair in place add a few bobby-pins until it is secure. I like to make mine in a swooping motion, but it's up to you where you want to place it.

006. Now using your index finger and thumb gently pull on the braided area making the loops bigger, do that all the way up to the crown area.

007. Never forget to smooth out any dodgy bits and bobby pin any flyaways. Always remember this is your hairstyle so style it how ever you want.

And ta-da! it is done. I'd say the only difficult area is the french plait, but if you already know how to do one you can do this with absoluteease. If not, just practice, practice, practice and you'll get there in no time xo

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