Four winter skin saviours | Dare To Bare

After three months of cold weather (cry!), my skin needs some moisture-boosting love. A combo of central heating, tights and blustery weather has left it looking and feeling really dry. I thought I’d share some of my favourite tips to help you get through the last few weeks of the cold snap feeling silky-smooth from head-to-toe. I know how overwhelming it can be when every product claims to do the same thing, so wanted to prove that you don’t have to break the bank with super-expensive products. Here are my top soft skin solutions:   
Drink LOTS of water! As everyone knows, drinking lots of water is the answer to beautiful and hydrated skin. Everything starts from within - so let’s start with H2O for a natural glow.
Prep your skin with your favourite exfoliator. You can even make your own by combining coconut oil and granulated sugar. You can then finish with your favourite moisturiser.
Keep your legs looking and feeling smooth with my favourite razor - Wilkinson Sword Hydro Silk! It has five curve-sensing blades on a pivoting head which adapt naturally to the curves of your body for the closest shave. Infused with a water-activated Hydra Renew Serum that contains Shea Butter, it not only waves goodbye to the finest hairs, but also keeps skin moisturised. The best bit is…it's only £8.99 - so you’re in for a winner.
If you want even more of a glow to your skin, find it in your make-up bag! Add your favourite highlighter to your collar bones, and down the front of your legs. This gives the skin a fabulously healthy looking glow.

What do you use to keep your skin looking fine, fresh and fierce?

In collaboration with Wilkinson Sword


  1. I really need to drink more water. The only water I get at the moment is from tea! xx

  2. Such good advice! I never thought of applying highlighter anywhere other than my face. That is a good tip. Thanks!


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