4 ways to fake a good nights sleep

Like me, how many times a night have you woken up saying to yourself, "If I fall asleep now I’ll have 5 hours sleep...If I fall asleep now I’ll have 3 hours sleep". Then you wake up that morning looking like you’ve not slept in weeks! I have those nights more often than not, so I’ve come up with a few tips/alternative hacks to waking up beautiful and fool everyone in thinking you slept like an angel.

Back it up
Yep, lying on your back is a tricky one as you have no control over where your body ends up in the middle of the night (I sometimes end up on the other side of the bed) But experts say that lying on your back helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and increases the likely-hood of you waking up fresh-faced and ready to rumble.

Elevation for the Nation
Sleeping on more than one pillow is going to be your new BFF. If your head is elevated through-out the night, this helps blood flow, therefore when you wake up your face is puffiness free. Woohoo! I normally sleep on two, maybe I should up it to three...Living life on the edge guys.

When life gives you lemons...
Add it to your water! This is the best way to get your body going in the morning and helps you feel and look refreshed. I normally add honey to mine as I haven't got the hang of the lemony taste yet.

Say Yes To the mask
If you want something to do the magic for you while you sleep, Yes To have launched these fabulous Sleeping Masks. My favourite is the Coconut Ultra Hydrating Moisturising Sleeping Mask. This innovative range of single-use masks feature rich cream formulas that absorb easily and gradually overnight during your skin’s natural repair cycle, leaving your face feeling fresh in the morning! All Yes To Sleeping Mask range products are available from ASOS and you can get yours here.

this post was in collaboration with Yes To


  1. Ouhhh I love these tips! I've been so tired and could use a good sleep. Really lovely post, Grace!

  2. I sleep very little at night, 4/5 hours
    even less, because I wake up several times a night
    as I do not want to take any medicine


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